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Packing & Unpacking

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What does full packing service mean?

With a professional moving company Rainbow packers & movers, you have the option of doing some, or all the packing yourself. During the estimating process, you can choose between: Full packing service (the crew packs everything for you), Partial packing service (the crew handles items you wish not to pack yourself)

Do packers and movers unpack?

Professional Rainbow Packers and movers carry out these works in an organized way and at fast pace. Moving professional may perform unpacking in half a day as well.

What to Expect When movers pack for you?

Full service movers will pack up your entire house for you with trained packers who can get your belongings safely boxed up in a fraction of the time it might take you to do it yourself. They'll also be able to expertly and securely pack up fragile and valuable items, such as glass and artwork. Furniture disassembly.